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Children of God… and Goats TOO

On Sunday, August 6th we woke up in Africa… Finally! The months of fundraising, preparation and prayer for this missions trip made it seem so far in the future but we are here and our team is ready to be lead by the spirit and be the hands and feet of Jesus. What other way to start off a week of service and ministry than to gather with our brothers and sisters of Nsoko for THREE HOURS of Sunday morning church. We sang in Siswati, we danced, we clapped and embraced the new culture with our arms wide open. After a bit of worship, the kids got to go in front of everyone to sing and say a verse they memorized in Sunday School. They quoted Hebrews 11:6 “And without faith it is impossible to please God.” Ten Americans and a room full of Swazi’s praying to the same God, reading the same Bible and worshiping as ONE body of believers was an experience that we will never forget. Another day one experience we will never forget  was when they asked US to go in front of the room. Our team introduced ourselves by our name and the state we came from. Then… well… you know the saying “you say jump and I say how high?” Well the congregation said sing and so… we sang. Our team got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sing Amazing Grace to a church congregation in AFRICA. Thank You God, for calling us all to this amazing country of Swaziland. Use us, teach us, and speak to us this week. How humbling it is to be a child of God.