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June Short Term Trip

Swaziland, Africa.


Everything we thought it would be, yet nothing we thought it would be.

It’s amazing what happens when we follow God’s plan instead of our own. God

had chosen each of us specifically to go on this trip to Swaziland. Honestly, we

were a little unsure and hesitant at the beginning of our trip. Without a leader

from the US and there only being 3 of us, we were sceptical of how much work

we could truly do as a small team. We learned throughout the week that God had

a greater plan to reignite the fire in our hearts and allow us to grow spiritually at

an exponential rate. Through our small team, we were able to create extremely

close knit relationships with not only the children but also with our teammates

and the women at the Bheveni Carepoint. At the Bheveni Carepoint we were able

to assist in the preschool class by teaching songs and other learning tools. We

painted and created a world map on the wall. We also helped to clear the bush

around the carepoint gates and started to dig at the site for new bathroom

facilities. We were in charge of leading a daily devotion for the women at the

carepoint, which none of us felt prepared for spiritually and emotionally. But of

course, God is faithful and was able to use us in a special way to reach the

women. We were also given the eye opening opportunity to do home visits with

the caregivers of the kids at Bheveni Carepoint. God used us to send encouraging

words of hope and love to the families. Then there’s the children. Oh, the

children. These children impacted all three of us in such a wonderful way. They

are so full of joy and life and love. We left with full and happy hearts every single



Besides the huge impact the children had on us, we were also greatly impacted

by the living testimony of the shepherds. We worked alongside Lindo, Bhutana

and Maseko throughout the week. We wish we could clone all of the shepherds

that we met and place them in every community and city around the world.

They have such big hearts and are living examples of Christ for the children at

the carepoints. Their dedication and passion they have for Christ and for the

children is inspiring. We also appreciate Xolani and his wife, Sandy so much for

stepping up as our team leaders. They have been helping us every step of the



We left a piece of our hearts in Swaziland. It’s not a matter of “if” we come back,

but “when” God allows us to come back.


“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.

In all your ways awknowledge him and he will make your paths straight.”

Proverbs 3:5-6



Ashley, Katie and Mallory