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Finding Christ’s Beauty in the Water of Swazi

Today we spent the day exploring Mantenga Falls and the Mantenga Cultural Village. We learned about traditional Swazi culture and enjoyed the natural beauty of Swaziland’s mountains. After swimming in thecold water, jumping off of rocks and taking tons of pictures we took advantage of the beautiful scenery and conducted baptisms. We had 13 team members rededicate their lives to Christ and 1 team member who was baptized for the very first time. It was such a special experience and couldn’t have been a more beautiful moment with the waterfall in the background and surrounded by people who encourage each other in their faith daily! Please enjoy the pictures below from today’s baptisms and share in our celebration!

Rededicated: Kimmy


Rededicated: Olivia 


Rededicated: Paige


Rededicated: Avalon


Rededicated: Marissa


Rededicated: Hannah


Rededicated: Lisa


Rededicated: Georgia


Rededicated: Megan


Rededicated: Jaime


Rededicated: Samantha


Rededicated: Christin


Baptized: Emma

The Team


Today was a very special day. Chris and I were so honored to be apart of this spiritual journey with all of our team members! Every day we grow closer and closer together and closer and closer to the Lord. We hope you enjoy the updates – Haley


  1. What a magnificent time of beauty and peace! I wish I was there with you! Keep up the faith and the great work! I love you Ezra!! Your family misses you!! We are praising God for you!!

  2. From the very first word of this post, I have had Gungor’s song, Beautiful Things, on repeat in my head…the chorus says “You make beautiful things, You make beautiful things out of the dust, you make beautiful things, you make beautiful things out of us.” What God is doing there is truly a beautiful thing. You all are amazing. Praying for the next few days to be even MORE. Thank you so much for posting! Laurie McCune

  3. So beautiful and so real! Holy Spirit release more of your presence! Father, let your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven! Let heaven come! Let heaven come! Let heaven come! Yours is the kingdom, yours is the power, yours is the glory forever, AMEN!

  4. So excited about the Lord’s Hand on this adventure for all these Team members. Praying that HE will take what is happening in their lives and in the lives of the Swazi people and further His kingdom here on earth. Praying the journey continues this week as awesome as anyone can imagine and that goodbyes will be bathed in prayer and love! Thankful to God for these many blessings!

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