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July Short Term Trip

As our time has come to an end in Swaziland we’d like to reflect on our

experience. We truly enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with the kids and

staff at the CarePoint- Mpaka. During our visit we each connected with several

of the kids whom we were sad to leave. It is amazing to see the impact the local

Swazi’s are having on this generation.


Despite the current situations some of the kids face it was encouraging to

see them show up with huge smiles and so willing to run up to us and give us

hugs. Among the different activities we were involved in we were able to teach

them lessons on being brave, courageous and strong because of Christ who lives

in us.


We also had the opportunity to minister to the staff including the cooks.

We had fellowship and morning devotion where we talked about day-to- day

problems/struggles and how to overcome them. They were willing to share

some of the their struggles which helped us to see we are all really alike despite

the language barrier and culture in which we grew up in.


Another ministry opportunity we were involved with was going to the

homes of some of the kids from Mpaka care point. We would bring common

cooking supplies and food- (i.e- beans, cornmeal, rice, vegetables, fruit). One

family we visited told our translator how they had just recently used all of their

money for their daughter’s doctor’s visit. The woman mentioned how she knew

the Lord would provide for her family and here we were showing up at their

house to bring them food.


One of our most challenging and memorable days was our last day doing

ministry. We finished serving the kids their meal at the care point and said our

goodbyes before making our way to our last home visit. On the way we

discovered we were going to a child-headed home. There were a total of 9

children living in this one home and providing for themselves. We gathered

around to pray and encourage them. They ranged in age from 3-14 years old.

Several of the kids began crying as we spoke and prayed. Our entire team was

impacted and left with a huge burden for these kids who should be enjoying their

childhood instead of having to grow up so quickly.


Even though our time here was short we are taking back plenty of

memories and inspiration of how God can use us back at home in our local

community. We pray for those who are reading this would also join us in prayer

for this community in Manzini. We pray the Lord will place upon your heart a

desire to help this particular Care Point as they need a monthly sponsor to help

continue running it. May you be blessed!