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Fruit of our work in Swaziland

I had been in Swaziland in early 2004 to set up groundwork for an initiative called Dream for Africa which AIM mobilized for Bruce Wilkinson. At that time, our major goal was to do what we could to stem the tide of AIDS in Swaziland and to that end, we mobilized 1200 college students to go to 180 high schools in Swaziland to teach both The Gospel and abstinence. The AIDS rate at that time was 50% of young people. We had 15,000 professions of faith and abstinence, all of whom met in a stadium in July of 2004. I hadn’t been back there since that time so when I went there this past summer, I was anxious to see the fruit. Well we now have a staff of 36 people made up of Americans, South Africans and Swazis which administrate 35 Care Points which minister to, educate and feed about 5000 kids per day. It’s amazing. Toward the end of my time there, I was talking one on one with one of our Swazi translators, Zeni N Ntshalintshali. She had asked me how I’d gotten involved in Swaziland and if I had ever been there before. I told her the story I related above and as I was telling the story her eyes got real big and she began to weep. She then told me that she was one of the 15,000 high schoolers who had made the profession of faith and abstinence and had been at the stadium for the rally. I was blown away. Talking about seeing the fruit of your labors. It may have taken 8 years, but God is so faithful. I was so blessed, and we hugged and prayed together with hearts of praise and thanksgiving. Needless to say, I hope I get the opportunity to return in 2013. I’d like to share with you some of the stories of our time in Swaziland. These are stories of people who have nothing from an earthy standpoint but do have amazing faith.


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